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Lidia Celebrates America is not a cooking show. It is a fascinating celebration of the rich diversity of cultures across the United States. This series is at once utterly familiar-families rejoice in the birth of a baby, celebrate a holiday, and dance at a wedding. At the same time it is surprisingly mysterious, exploring America's most intimate traditions and ceremonies-a Korean-American wedding, a young girl's Quinceañera; a Juneteenth celebration, also known as freedom day among African-Americans in the South; or an Italian-American Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes. Through these stories and others, Lidia Celebrates America creates a unique window on the ethnic, cultural, and religious rituals Americans observe and the foods that are so deeply connected to them.

There are few better ways to foster understanding than to sit down at the table and share cultural and culinary traditions. In this series, viewers will follow celebrity chef and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich into the homes of American families at some of the most meaningful times in their lives.

Most immigrants didn't come to America empty-handed. They brought with them family recipes and centuries-old cooking traditions. Viewers will not only learn how to cook these foods, but will witness the process by which families pass their traditions on to the next generation, preserving their cultural heritage and strengthening their family bonds.

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