Lidia Celebrates America:  Home for the Holidays is the latest installment of her journey to experience diverse American culture through food.

Lidia invites six celebrity guests of different ethnic backgrounds to her holiday table: Christopher Walken, award winning actor and childhood friend; Rita Moreno, award winning actress; Ann Curry, television journalist; model and television host Padma Lakshmi; celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson; and Carlo Ponti, Jr., conductor.

Combining the best of the old and the new, Lidia shares her own culinary customs with the diverse and varied holiday traditions of her guests in Home for the Holidays. The film tells the deeply personal stories of each individual’s journey to America, and their life through hardship and triumph—all set against a backdrop in which they share a wonderful and deliciously diverse meal.  That meal represents the melting pot of flavors that are all part of celebrating the yuletide in New York.

Home for the Holidays begins in the kitchen and ends at the dinner table of Lidia’s home in Queens, where Lidia has prepared a dish inspired by each of her guests’ roots and ethnic culinary traditions, peppered with their moving personal stories and unique tales from their homelands. Some of the dishes include sweet potatoes and cannellini beans inspired by Padma Lakshmi, Christopher Walken’s sautéed scallops, and Marcus Samuelsson’s Swedish meatballs.

Interspersed throughout the one-hour documentary, filmmakers follow Lidia back to the courtyard in Istria where she was born and the political refugee camp where she stayed for two years prior to coming to America. Lidia visits Chennai, India with Padma Lakshmi, where she learns the culinary traditions of her homeland and understands the stories and struggles behind her departure from India. She heads to Harlem to talk to Marcus Samuelson, and then meet with Rita Moreno at one of her favorite restaurants in Manhattan to share immigration stories. Conductor Carlo Ponti Jr., son of movie star Sophia Loren and filmmaker Carlo Ponti, visits Lidia at her own restaurant where she invites him to taste one of his favorite Neapolitan dishes made at Christmas time: Spaghetti with Clam Sauce.

The guests get together, sharing their fondest childhood memories, remembering what they coveted most and recounting the events that eventually propelled them to leave the countries they once called home. Many of these recollections are brought back to life through food.

As seen through the eyes of six unique individuals, Home for the Holidays shows how food is the tie that binds us together in a dramatic, yet relatable, way.  It underscores the reality that our native traditions are ultimately what distinguish us and make each and every one of our lives unique.

“The holidays are a great time of the year. We all look forward to them and we have a great time, but I think the holidays are much more meaningful,” says Bastianich. “It’s a time to really assess our values in life and to talk about who we really are and where we come from - our roots, our culture.  I think that the holidays are a time to relax, to reflect, to enjoy each other, to replenish our souls and our senses, and then be ready to move on in life until another year.”

“LIDIA CELEBRATES AMERICA: Home for the Holidays” premieres on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings).

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